How to choose the right mattress for your needs:

Have you wondered what the decisive elements in choosing a mattress are? Here are the features and qualities that must be considered when choosing the best mattress type and model in relation to your personal needs.

The comfort of a mattress:

Like most people who are asked “what is the decisive element, which is the most important element in choosing the best mattress”, you probably would answer that it is its comfort.

But what is ‘comfort’, and what should we consider to find a comfortable mattress, one that can best meet the needs of each of us?

Being linked to the characteristics of individual people, such as their body weight, the position in which they sleep, their age, their particular needs and more, the comfort of a mattress largely depends on the subjective characteristics of the user.

But it also depends on objective factors related to the mattress itself, which can increase or decrease its comfort.

The very fact that we cannot give clear, unambiguous answers to this question, valid for everyone, often makes it difficult to find the most comfortable mattress, the one that best fits the personal needs or needs of each of us.

Below we will try to summarize what are the main factors to consider when choosing a mattress.

We will first examine the objective factors related to the different types of mattresses: those, in memory foam that is the most modern; to the more traditional sprung ones; to those in latex, to an inflatable or water mattresses, to those in polyurethane.

The possible choice of memory foam mattress:

The memory foam (in combination with a base of the same polyurethane mattress) provides the mattress with an excellent body wrapping capacity.

It is also able to dampen the propagation of oscillations in the mattress, which is particularly convenient for those who share a double mattress with their partner.

Their density. When we speak of “density of memory foam”, we refer to its weight per cubic meter.

A higher density of the memory layer normally implies, from a practical point of view, a greater level of comfort (and a cost) than the mattress.

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