The optimal sleep duration: How much sleep is healthy?

Restful sleep – everyone wants it, but nobody feels it. Wherever you listen, there is the talk of lack of sleep, which is often confirmed by our customers. But how much sleep do I really need? We’ll tell you what the optimal sleep time depends on, what happens if you sleep too much or too little and how you can find out about your individual sleep duration.

The optimal sleep duration: How much sleep is healthy?

Many believe that at least eight hours of sleep are ideal. And that’s where all the people are starting to calculate. However, most of them only come for about six to seven hours. So it quickly gives a guilty conscience, but one sleeps supposedly too little.

If, however, according to the existing medical studies on sleep duration is seven to eight hours on average, completely sufficient for restful sleep.

The study also found that cognitive abilities improved after at least seven hours of sleep. So when we wake up feeling refreshed, we can better learn, see, and perceive things. Even our sense of direction and our creativity are positively influenced by a good sleep.

What happens if I sleep too little? And can I sleep too much?

Not only sleep deprivation can lead to serious illnesses, but too much sleep is also bad for our health. The study from San Diego showed that even 20 minutes of lack of sleep has a huge impact on us. Signs of too little sleep are for example increased daytime tiredness, lack of concentration and bad mood. However, too much sleep is known as a risk factor for diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease.

Also, pay attention to the quality of sleep!

As so often, however, it is not just the quantity, i.e. the duration of sleep, that counts, but also the quality of sleep. Because you can still sleep so much, if the quality is not right, you will not be rested – and that’s what it’s all about sleeping.

But what can increase sleep quality? You should be as relaxed and painless as possible. For this, it is important to find the right mattress for your sleeping position and of course the matching pillow and blanket combination.

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